Official Contractor

One of the key element bringing your products and brands to have an overall success in an exhibition is the outstanding booth design.

Established in 2002, Milton Exhibits prides itself in offering a seamless, value-added partnership to its clients in very specific, specialized areas – notably, general contracting and exhibitor services in an exhibition.  The services include general contracting for exhibition, special product showcase, exhibition booth design and build, and environment and interior design.

Milton Exhibits have been delivering quality works in major cities across the globe.  Supreme quality and services have remained Milton Exhibits service pledge for the customers around the world.

Should you require for service details or the listed price, please feel free to contact with below the contacts.

Milton Exhibits (Hong Kong) Limited

Tel: 852 3605 9551

Fax: 852 3605 9492

Official Forwarder

To save your trouble in arrange of your products and display materials transporting to the show venue, the Official Forwarder of PICEX ’16 shall provide you with the most efficient and reliable logistics services.

Schneider Logistic Services Ltd. is a leading practitioner of ‘one-stop logistics’, offering services that address the unique needs of each individual client.  Their capabilities are accordingly comprehensive, spanning the full logistical arc from traditional transport and warehousing to high-quality customer services and logistics management system.

Should you require for service details or the listed price, please feel free to contact with below the details.


Schneider Logistics Services Limited

Tel: 852 2889 2156

Fax: 852 2889 3542

Official Merchandiser

A strong merchandiser will empower your premium value in branding and promotional awareness.

As an expert in providing premium promotional solutions, APS always endeavours to serve valued clients with the best one-stop services and elaborately sourced products.  And not just any connection: what we conceive and create are products that forge a powerful link between people and brands.

To conceive truly effective premiums, our in-house specialists work closely with clients to understand their target market, promotional strategy, and defining brand characteristics.  We do it because, quite simply, our brand is defined by how well we convey yours.


Asia Premium Solutions Ltd

Tel: 852 2889 2385

Fax: 852 2889 3837

Official Graphic Design

& Printings

In any exhibition, visual printing & publicity design is the key to convey not only the company image but also the exactly message to your target clients.

AOMM Creative, a multi-disciplinary design house, is driven by the desire to explore both visual and market possibilities.

We explore every possibility in design process and strive to provide clients with optimal creative solutions. We endeavor to synthesis unique cultures and build up new ventures that bring effectiveness and extraordinary impacts to companies and brands.

We are passionate towards creativity and ready to make your ideas bigger, better and brighter.


AOMM Creative Limited

Tel: 852 2889 2320

Fax: 852 3007 0669

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