Booth Types & Info

Discount Programs

PICEX  Early Bird Discount Program*

* Exhibitor can only choose either one Discount Program to join.

Reservation on or before Aug 31 = 7.5% off
Reservation on or before Sep 30 = 5% off

PICEX Fan Club Loyalty Discount Program**

** ONLY for PICEX ’14 &/or ’15 Exhibitors, who can only choose either one Discount Program to join.

Reservation on or before Oct 31 = 15% off

Raw Space

Raw Space ONLY:HKD3,250/sqm

Raw space from 36sqm minimum, no furniture nor electricity socket provided.  Official contractor(s) of IMET ’15 Macao are recommended for booth constructions.  In case exhibitor appoints other contractors, the overall design drawings are subjected to prior approval by the organizer for safety reasons.

** Please Add:

  • 10% for island booth
  • 18% for multi-storey stands

Other Services for Exhibitors

 (both raw space & standard booth)

• free listing in Exhibition Directory

• free listing in the official website of the exhibition

• 24-hour on-site security at the exhibition hall

• free pre-registration of visitor badge for your invited guest(s)


Standard Booth

Standard Booth Rental:HKD33,800/9sqm

Our shell scheme booth is in 9 sqm (3m x 3m) with the following package included:

• hard walled shell scheme panels x 3pcs

• company name fascia in bilingual

• furniture included:

  • information counter (1m*0.5m*0.75m) x 1pcs;
  • folding chair x 2pcs;
  • waste basket x 1pcs;
  • 100W spotlights x 2pcs;
  • 500W socket x 1pcs;
  • carpet x 1pcs (3m*3m)

** Please Add:

  • 5% for 2-sided open booth
  • 10% for 3-sided open booth
  • 15% for 4-sided open booth

Late-Comer Surcharge

 All reservation after deadline Nov 30 + 15% surcharge

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